A Checklist Of Relationship Proof for your property before buying one

When you are going to make the biggest financial statement in your life, make sure to confirm some issues first. This is important to resist break up with your wife, parents and the in-laws.

When you will buy a property together, remember it’s a big commitment and sensitive indeed. But not every people make it easy together. I have seen many more got issues with those property. Try to follow the following checklist to avoid any kind of wrecking issues.

Checklist Of Relationship Proof-Keep Your Distance From In-laws ( Or They’re awesome people)

When you are looking for property with your spouse, try not to buy it close to in-laws. Sometimes some couples are fine with but don’t think to stay closely to both sets of parents.

Before getting married, I lived in Bedok and my husband lived in Pasir Ris. Naturally, we applied for a BTO in Tampines, a mature estate that is in the middle of the two neighbourhoods.

You must need to know that your spouse is comfortable in living near parents or not. Secondly,  You need to know about the thinking of the parents of your spouse.

Checklist Of Relationship Proof-Thinking About Babies

A Checklist To Relationship proof

If you have any babies, definitely you have some extra thinking. Such as you need an extra room, extra savings too. So, you must have planning before buy any properties. If you are not thinking about child then you need to buy a studio apartment or two bedroom units, so your money is not locked up in a more expensive property. But if you plan on living in the property for good, indeed you shall buy a bigger unit for raising your kids.

You must need to know from your parents about the planning of children. Secondly, the property you are going to buy to raise your children or not.

Checklist Of Relationship Proof- Must list your suitable Amenities

Listing down the amenities is a big big deal before buying any property. When you list down the amenities your property’s expectation will be changed also. The location should be in possible places. You can check out for schools, hospitals and also gym center. On the other hand you can check for nearest MRT station also.

Think about the property, if it’s close to your working place or not. Make sure the properties have parking, swimming pools and business hub or not.

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