The Avenir Floor Plan Type 2a

The Avenir 2 Bedroom Unit Review

The Avenir 2 Bedroom unit Review

At 829 sqft, the 2 room unit at the Avenir is very large if you somehow happened to contrast with most new launches today. Certainly can’t be contrasted with the older developments regarding space, however entirely doable in the present setting.

The Avenir 2 Bedroom Unit Review - Kitchen

There is some squandered space by the passage and hallway – so in the event that you don’t need an enclosed kitchen, the slightly smaller 2 room unit would be better in such a manner.

The Avenir 2 Bedroom Unit Review - Living & Dining Space
Living & Dining Sapce

The best thing about this The Avenir 2 Bedroom unit to me is this enclosed kitchen space. You’ll hardly locate a devoted kitchen unit in The Avenir 2 Bedroom unit in the present market so in the event that you cook a lot this would certainly appeal to you. While it can feel slightly squeezy in here, the extra room looks to be very commendable.

The Avenir 2 Bedroom Unit Review  - Dining

Past the kitchen, the living and lounge areas are placed in an effective yet flexible game plan. It’s very long and wide simultaneously, which naturally causes the unit to feel roomier.

The bulging L-molded couch and pads make the space look more confined than it actually is.

The Avenir 2 Bedroom Unit Review  - Common Room
Common Room

As should be obvious, the living room space is extremely respectable. It’s very wide so you shouldn’t have an excess of difficulty with regards to selecting your furnishings. Balcony space is very enormous as well, so you do have the alternative of open-air feasting.

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The regular room is simply alright – there isn’t a lot of room at the foot of the bed. Neither are the other territories entirely remarkable.

The basic washroom isn’t anything to flaunt about either in wording size. However, I need to state the look and finishings here are exemplary – it looks like a luxury development.

The Avenir 2 Bedroom Review  - Common Bathroom
Common Bathroom

The size of the main room was actually an astonishment. It is very roomy – you can fit a small report/dresser in here as well.

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